Why Hal Feder

Why Choose Hal to be your Business Broker?

Global Experience – over 3 decades of working with entrepreneurs; understands brands, products, pricing, customers, and distribution on a global landscape.

Client Advocate – always puts the client’s interest first and works to deliver effective solutions.

Extensive Network – has a built-in prospecting network of consultants, colleagues and industry experts.

Hands-On Operational Knowledge – knows the inner-workings of the business financials, how the owner creates value and how to convey that value to prospects.

Lender Network – has access to a variety of lending sources who can initiate business loans and create working capital credit lines to finance the venture.

Confidential, Trustworthy and High Integrity – in every engagement, protects your data, reputation, and wealth … never compromises you or your business interests.

Easy to Do Business With – will listen to understand your goals and work hard to deliver the results.

Success Based Pricing – never charges a buyer fee, retainer reimbursed at closing and will co-broke with reputable business brokers which translates to great value for your money.

Transaction Approval Expert – knows the transaction approval process and can qualify and package prospects to meet and exceed lender approval criteria.

Deal Team – will assemble a “selling team” that will work with your CPA/Attorney to deliver higher proceeds from your sale (for example, deferred sales trusts to manage tax liability).

Murphy World-Class Resources, Processes, and Tools – over 200 national broker agents, utilizing top business transactional web-sites, with unmatched marketing reach/impact.

Customized 24/7 Service – personally delivered, never out-sourced, accessible service from the first engagement and thereafter

Effectiveness, Speed, & Scale Scoreboard … 2021

Industry Murphy Business Hal Feder
Closing Rate 20% 48% 75%
Listing to Closing 12.0 months 11.0 months 9.0 months
Average Deal Size $250,000 $1,016,000 $2,248,000